Weather and Climate

Make sure you bring raincoats and / or umbrellas when you visit us. As the locals often say, “if you cant see the mountain then its raining, if you can see it, its going to rain!”

Despite that, our town is subjected to wide weather variations and sometimes you may experience 4 seasons in one day! How to dress for this wide variation? Well, as a general rule, it is wise to use the layer approach. 3 or 4 upper layers such as a light t-shirt (or similar) next to the skin, then a fleecy or heavy wool garment, topped off with a wind-breaker (anorak) is ideal.

Average Temperatures (Celsius)
* Summer (December to February) 12-25°
* Autumn (March to May) 9-17°
* Winter (June to August) 5-15°
* Spring (September to November) 8-18°
* For further information please visit NZ’s official weather site